HTB 6. Nibbles

  1. Port 22 and 80 open from nmap -A -T4 -p-, typically 80 is for the exploit and 22 is used later. SSH is usually not the exploit.

  2. searchsploit apache 2.4

  3. Going to shows "Hello World" only

  4. Viewing source shows on nibbleblog platform

  5. searchsploit nibble finds Nibbleblog 4.0.3 arbitrary file upload and remote code execution

  6. In metasploit use exploit/multi/http/nibbleblog_file_upload and info shows we need to be authenticated

  7. dirbuster to find login pages

  8. Could potentially use Burp Suite to brute force usernames and password or just bruteforce password with admin as username. Potentially use cewl on blog posts to create password list.

  9. Credentials are admin:nibbles, guessed by site name.

  10. Set parameters in metasploit to the username, password, rhosts, and targeturi=/nibbleblog.

  11. This works because of the My Image plugin that allows any file to be uploaded (no whitelisting is being done)

  12. sysinfo shows 4.4.0 ubuntu and gituid show nibbler (1001)

  13. Searching for priv_esc

    cd /home/nibbler
    ls -la
    cat user.txt
    cat .bash_history
    sudo -l
  14. sudo -l reveals ~/personal/stuff/ can run as root without a password

  15. This folder does not exist so we can create a shell script in that location.

  16. exists, potentially try and crack it

  17. uname -a to print entire OS running and potentially search for exploits for the general OS

  18. and are great scripts for enumerating linux.

  19. echo "bash -i" > and chmod +x

  20. sudo /home/nibbler/personal/stuff/

  21. cat /root/root.txt

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